Release Your Potential

Release Your Potential


You’re in your lane, lined up to run the race, determined to WIN

The starter pistol has fired but you’re still set at the starters line, WHY?

Sounds familiar? Well join us on a learning journey of self discovery where you can obtain tools to get your legs and mind in a forward motion, to discover not only what YOU have been destined to do to reach YOUR destination, but to achieve YOUR GOLD.

 Starts 8.00pm 26 January 2020

Release Your Potential is a four part weekly virtual introduction to a 15 part Mastermind series:15 Invaluable Laws of Growth by Dr John C. Maxwell. 

The sessions will be virtually group facilitated by George Hamilton of LET’S CRE8. The normal cost for this course is £200 but you have been personally invited by the person who sent you this information as they must have seen potential in you. 

Sign up below for £25 which reserves your resources for this series.
Commit to reading a chapter each week to take part in the virtual discussion. We can’t wait to see what is released in YOU! Sign up here:



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